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Planning to mount a BUFFL item in the cabin of your Scania, Volvo, or DAF? Good idea! But how do you do that exactly? No need to panic. With every part you purchase, there’s a manual included. In it, we explain step by step how the assembly works. Not so handy yourself? Then we’ll assemble your purchase for you, for a small additional fee. Call us to make an appointment, at +31 (0) 486 725 067.


We want your car to stay looking as good as new just as much as you do. It all starts with careful maintenance. How? Read below for the best-kept maintenance tips from the BUFFL workshop:

Keep your car sparkling and responsibly clean with our headband cleaner. You can buy this cleaning agent from us in Reek and in the webshop.
Always clean your interior with dabbing movements. No rubbing!
Wipe down dip and spray work with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches.
Wash your curtains on a cold cycle (30 degrees).
If your car is going to be stationary for a longer period, keep it out of the sun. This prevents discoloration.
The (artificial) leather in your interior is delicate. Therefore, also read our maintenance tips for leather.

Maintenance Tips for Leather

Of course, you’re proud of the (artificial) leather in your car. But at the same time, it’s very delicate material. That’s why here are some maintenance tips, specifically for (artificial) leather.

Clean your (artificial) leather seats, tunnel cover, and floor mats weekly with a damp microfiber cloth. Avoid using (dish) detergents or abrasives: they can damage the material. Severe stains? Put a little mild pH-neutral soap on a soft cloth, dab, and rinse with lukewarm water afterward. Immediately dab away stains caused by fat or liquids with absorbent paper.
Never treat your leather-look with leather fat, oil, or wax.
Never expose your leather (look) interior to direct sunlight. Close the curtains when standing still in sunny weather, as direct sunlight can cause leather to discolor and dry out.

Be careful with sharp objects that can cause scratches and tears. Such as pens, needles, or dog and cat paws.
Do not leave magazines and newspapers on the upholstery. These can leave behind ink and thus serious stains.
Be careful with denim clothing. Especially new and unwashed denim fabrics can leave stains, especially on light-colored upholstery.
In addition to daily or weekly maintenance, regular intensive maintenance is needed for leather. There are various leather (look) maintenance products on the market that help keep your interior looking beautiful for as long as possible.

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