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Your Scania is the king of the road! And it becomes even more beautiful with an interior or build from BUFFL. Many others have gone before you, with a subtle upgrade or a complete makeover. Here is a selection of our customized work so far. Look at them shine! You deserve that for yourself and your Scania too, right?

Scania S580 | Gallix

The Scania S580 of Gallix also received a BUFFL makeover We are...

Scania R520 | Kent Ottesen

The Scania R520 box truck of Kent Ottesen Kent Ottesen once again...

Scania R Streamline | Kuijpers Group

The Scania R Streamline of Kuijpers Group Kuijpers Group from...

Scania S Next Gen | Erimpex

The Scania S Next Gen of Erimpex Erimpex from Baarle-Nassau is...

The Scania R 450 of ETR

ETR from Germany came with a request that we often hear "Can you...

Scania R Next Gen | Van Triest Veevoeders

The transformed Scania R Next Gen of Van Triest It was already known...

Scania R Streamline | Adam Pinkerton

Adam Pinkerton's Scania R Streamline BUFFL Edition Adam Pinkerton...

Scania R580 | Ottensen

Kent Ottesen knows the quality of BUFFL well – a familiar face at...

Scania R Next Gen | Valotra

Check out the photos of this sleek Scania R Next Gen adorned with...

Scania R Next Gen | Collet

Check out the interior and exterior of this Scania R Next Gen of...

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