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Scania S580 | Gallix

The Scania S580 of Gallix also received a BUFFL makeover

We are proud to present the unique modifications to Stephane Gallix’s Scania truck, provided by BUFFL Customizers.

The cabin underwent a remarkable transformation with various options. The roof is embellished with full knots and equipped with two white and two red melon lamps, while the full knots on the upper bed ensure a stunning appearance. The sides and back of the roof are precisely finished with flat and full knots, and the back even features lighting and custom logos.

Inside, both the door panels and the front cabinet with a tachograph cover are carefully lined for a seamless appearance. The attention to detail continues with the rear and side walls, combining a mix of patterns and knots with integrated lighting for a visually appealing result. The interior features stylish seats with custom BUFFL logos and lighting. The floor is covered with beautiful mats, and the truck is even equipped with curtains for privacy and a refined look. This custom transformation reflects Stephane Gallix’s pursuit of perfection and offers a unique, luxurious driving experience on the road.

Check out all the photos of Gallix’s Scania S580 below:


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Scania trucks, the undisputed rulers of the highway! With their powerful Swedish craftsmanship, these trucks offer not only impressive performance but also unmistakable style. The iconic ‘V8 roar’ and timeless design make every ride an adventure. Reliability and robustness are central to Scania’s DNA. Whether you’re crossing long highways or tackling rugged terrain, these trucks are more than just vehicles; they’re rolling legends dominating the road!

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