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The MAN TGX of VTS Trucks GmbH also received a BUFFL makeover.

With over 20 years of experience, VTS Trucks from Legden has built up a large customer base of people looking for a reliable partner for buying and selling vehicles. At VTS Trucks, you can also rent vehicles for short or long periods of time. We had the opportunity to work on their MAN TGX.

The headliner of this truck has been custom-designed with impressive options, including button patterns and lighting. The side and rear walls are versatilely designed. Both flat and knotted surfaces are adorned with lighting and impressive embroidery. The upholstery of the cabinets and door panels has also been optimized. The seats feature diamond stitching, and the floor now has an embroidered MAN logo. The upper bunk is equipped with a knotted bunk plate. The mattress of the lower bunk has been reupholstered. We also refurbished the steering wheel and dashboard.

The result is a beautiful new interior in this MAN TGX of VTS Trucks GmbH.

See all photos of the interior of this MAN TGX below:


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MAN trucks, German reliability on the roads! With a heritage of craftsmanship and innovation, MAN trucks embody performance and reliability. Whether it’s heavy transport, distribution, or specialized applications, MAN trucks offer powerful performance and efficiency. The robust design and advanced technology showcase German dedication to quality. Drivers experience comfortable cabins and advanced controls. MAN, where German technology rules the roads, a journey of strength, precision, and satisfaction.

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