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Mercedes Actros Giga | Tassa Trans 

Mercedes Actros Giga Tassa Trans

The BUFFL Style Mercedes Actros Giga by Tassa Trans

At the Belgian Tassa Trans, they know exactly what they want. At BUFFL, we had the opportunity to work on their Mercedes Actros Giga.

A super sleek white and blue interior for Tassa Trans. The lighting can change color to match the interior using RGB lighting. The cabin features a knotted headliner with melon lights and a knotted bunk plate with Chinese fans. The rear panel, side panels, floor, door panels, the top of the dashboard, and the rear wall are flatly upholstered. A row of knots has been added at the bottom of the rear wall to break up the overall look. Additionally, an RVS-look Mercedes AMG logo has been placed in the rear wall. The plastic parts have been repainted in the colors of the interior.

Below, you can view all the photos of the interior of this Mercedes Actros Giga.


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