Customize your truck

At BUFFL, we turn your truck into a work of art on wheels. From the inside out, where every detail matters. Choose your materials and colors for the upholstery of the ceiling, side panels, rear and side walls, or your bed. Finished with buttons, logos, and stitching, complemented by atmospheric LED lighting. Floor mats, engine tunnels, cabinets: everything is custom-made. Because you deserve only the best. Your truck, your home.

Truck interior

You bring your Scania, MAN, Volvo, Mercedes, DAF, or Iveco. We turn it into a BUFFL, inside and out. We translate your desires into a digital design. Are we on the same page? Then, we’ll start customizing your truck in the short term. And often, within a maximum of two weeks, you’ll be back on the road in your unique piece.

Truck exterior

Your truck deserves attention – a unique exterior look that is just a bit different from the rest. We provide eye-catching lighting, a tough grill, unique decals, and custom-made details – exactly as you envision it, but better. Are you ready for the jealous looks on the road?


BUFFL Customizers emerged in 2019, born from the concept of delivering unique and complete cars. Founded as the little sister of VAEX The Truck Traders, it has since grown into a leading brand in truck styling. Every year, around 250 customers drive away from our garage with a new interior or exterior. And we’re far from done expanding. Our mission? A future where we all drive a BUFFL!

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