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DAF SS | Thomas Dasnois

DAF SS Thomas Dansois

A knotted interior? Of course, BUFFL can do that!

A knotted ceiling, no problem. A knotted door panel, no problem. A fully knotted rear wall, including side panels? Also not a problem. Dasnois SPRL asked if we could deliver the entire cabin knotted, including coming up with some logos. Of course BUFFL can do that.

The ceiling in this brand new DAF is knotted and equipped with two white spotlights and 16 LED points placed between the knots. The side panels are flatly upholstered, while both the rear wall and the upper bunk are fully knotted for a continuous knotted look. In the upper bunk, the text “plata o plomo” is featured, and on the rear wall, there’s a logo designed by BUFFL themselves. Both logos are also illuminated. The seats have been completely reupholstered with genuine leather, featuring a diamond pattern stitched into the leather. BUFFL seat frames with lighting have also been installed. The windshield strip is fully knotted with the same color as the rest of the knots. The engine tunnel features the DAF logo with gray stitching. The rest of the floor is flatly upholstered. Even the door panels have been knotted to complete the knotted theme of the vehicle.

Below, you can view all the photos of the interior of this DAF SS:


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