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DAF XG+ Bram Dekkers

Dekkers Transport is a transportation company specializing in the transportation of day-old chicks.

To give their fleet a nice boost, they came to BUFFL with their new DAF XG+. The cabin not only provides a modern, luxurious environment for the driver but also incorporates the appropriate slogan. You can see which one below!

This impressive DAF is equipped with a fully knotted ceiling with lighting, including two white and two red spots. The upper bunk is knotted in the same color scheme. The rear and side ceilings are flatly upholstered to maintain a nice contrast and highlight the color theme. The rear wall is partially knotted, partially flatly upholstered, and features a logo with the text “passion for chicks.” This logo is illuminated in red. A complete set of curtains with brown fringes was chosen to match the brown of the side ceilings. The BUFFL logos on the chair frames are painted in the same brown color for a cohesive look. For a unified appearance, the entire floor is covered in the same brown as previously seen in the vehicle.

Check out all the photos of the interior of this DAF XG+ below:


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Logo DAF trucks

DAF trucks, Dutch pride on the road! Synonymous with reliability and performance. Whether it’s long-haul transport, distribution, or construction, DAF trucks offer powerful engines and efficient fuel performance. The streamlined design and advanced technology reflect continuous innovation. Drivers enjoy comfortable cabins and intuitive controls. DAF, where Dutch reliability dominates the road – a journey of strength, efficiency, and pride.

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